Great people make great brands

"Strong people make strong brands"

Yet another of those inspirational quotes?

To me, though, this one says it all.


Everywhere I go, business owners and managers agree that people are at the center of any company’s success.

In practice, though, I see companies tend to forget about the people and rather invest large sums in their products and services instead.


Having grown up in a family of entrepreneurs, I’ve always been curious about what makes a business thrive — or crash head-first into steep decline.


Frankly, it’s not rocket science.


Time and again, I find that humanizing your business is what it’s really about.

Because in the end, no matter how revolutionary or unique your product may be, it’s still people who add spark to your vision and act as a megaphone for your brand.


My job is to make your business grow, by letting you and your people shine, because getting the best out of people is what I do best.


So, am I the person who will waltz in and tell you how to run your business?
No. Ok, maybe a little.


I’ll be your advisor and coach, leaning on my findings in the fields of people management, sales & marketing. But if my 20 years experience has taught me anything, it’s that co-creation trumps dictatorship.



That’s why I’m looking forward to finding ways to supercharge you and your business, together.


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Get ahead by branding your leadership.

Creating a strong company culture and shaping your business’s values starts with those individual personalities at the top.

Having thought leaders who radiate what your company stands for ensures other employees will follow suit.

Furthermore, having ambassadors with impact is a sure-fire way to increase visibility, maximize buy-in and get investors on board.


Build a strong staff community, based on a shared idealism, values, and behavior that results in a clear-cut culture.

The perks?

Not only will this help you attract the right talent, it’s also what will make them stay and turn them into proud company ambassadors.


Power to the people.

Let your staff spread your gospel and improve your sales through employee advocacy.

Next, forget about the old sales techniques.

Today, showcasing your expertise online will give you a head start on your competitors through social selling.


The most effective leaders are always investing in strengths.

They understand that how they position, develop and empower their people makes all the difference in their workplace culture and sets them up for success.

When people understand and apply their natural talents they develop a greater sense of self-sufficiency and decision making, providing higher levels of ownership, pride, and enthusiasm in their work.

They embrace challenges, change and have a more positive outlook when they’re given these freedoms.

Learn more about Strengthsfinder® from Gallup



Why work with me?

First, because if you’re aiming for the moon, you’ll be needing a jet fuel engine. I’ll help you find your sweet spot before activating that potential and empowering you to capitalise on it.


Second, because turning ideas, concepts and plans into action is what I get up for in the morning, not to mention bringing people together to accomplish something memorable.

Let me take care of the human factor, so you can take care of your business.



Well, too late.

You already have one.

Your Personal Brand is the collection of what people know, think, and feel about you, and that collection is a result of your own thoughts, words, and actions.

A strong personal brand can help us progress more quickly.

A weak personal brand can hold us back—either because people don’t know what we stand for or, worse than that, others may be making inaccurate assumptions.

Having a strong personal brand is about true alignment… between who we believe we are, who we want to be and who we’re currently perceived to be.


Want to know how you are perceived by others? Why others do business with you?


Discover our online reputation survey tool and how it can help you get closer to obtaining your goals

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Learn about the power of Leadership Brands and how to put your employee's identity at work. 
Leadership branding drives organizations because it can help attract investors, high-quality customers, and top talent.

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13 critical mistakes not to make and how to fix them

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Unfortunately, personal branding isn’t always straightforward. Building an effective brand is a journey. It’s an ongoing process.

It requires consistency and it requires that you create and adhere to a plan.

But while the goal is to consistently strengthen one’s personal brand over time, the reverse is also possible.

Read about 13 Personal Branding mistakes that will sabotage your efforts to build a powerful personal brand.

Are you committing any of them?

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